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News and Gossip

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15-April-2004: Dropbox's new self-titled CD is in stores now! I haven't heard the album yet, but I have heard their single "Wishbone", really great song.  Dropbox is exactly the kick that the Rock world needs and they couldn't have arrived at a more opportune time. While the music industry spins its wheels wondering what to do with all of the turntable Rock Bands they signed and that no one wants to hear any more here comes a sludge driven no frills Rock band ready to split heads.

16-March-2004: Godsmack's new album "The Other Side" is released today. It is a great album and I recommend it to any and every Godsmack fan! Also, do not forget about Dropbox, the band Sully just recently signed to his label, ReAlign Records. Well, until next time.

11-November-2003: Godsmack's acoustic album, "The Other Side" has been pushed back. The reason for this is because Godsmack's record label doesn't want to compete with "Faceless". The new release date is set for Spring 2004. 

12-August-2003 Godsmack annouces new unplugged CD to be out November 18

02-May-2003: Site Opened!!!

Check out recent interview Godsmack gave MTV. Click here.

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No gossip yet, Just opened the site.

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